Monday, August 31, 2009


So this past weekend was DH's bd. We were suppose to have a big party but decided it was too much work. Instead we had a nice night out just the two of us and went to a bar after dinner. It was funny ... I sat there i used to do this all the time...i felt so old! ugh! the band was called "the groove" and played 80's and 90's was GREAT - old!

today i went to the library with the kids that i grew up going too - how things change! i was amazed! what a good adventure!

other then that this week is getting a little nuts with having to pack for our trip this weekend, getting a new roof, getting the new baby pics back from his 6 week pictures...and stuff like that. Hopefully we'll get a few play dates in there for the daughter.

Little guy is starting to sleep better through the night - but not last night. I hope that was just a one night thing - i need sleep

biggest news today proablly is that my friend is in labor and is at the hospital. she is going to have a baby! well she is super nervous and the baby will be 4 weeks early if it does come tonight and labor doesn't stop. god will do what god does and we'll see what happends. although i am super excited to meet her little one....we'll see her when she arrives.

ta ta for now baby needs me

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First post/blog thing

Well this is just another way you all can stalk me. I visit blogs sometimes, although never thought I would create my own. Here we go. I guess this is kinda like a diary- with out a key!

This weekend was great. We were very socialable and saw people/friends we havn't seen in a while and also did things we don't always do! It was great.

Since having 2 kids it has totally rocked our worlds. We are still getting used to the life as it is - THE ZOO!.....I exaderate just a tad. Really, we have it undercontrol. I like to think that even as tonight I was walking laps around my house, outside, with a screaming 8 week old as of tomorrow. He would scream, fart, scream, fart.....seriouslly dude just get it out! haha

The bigger of the 2 (not using names on this blog) has been super cute. Today we went to dinner and her dinner came in a paper car...and she had to take the car with her....and she tells you all of this of course. She is super talkitive and really being a doll. I am so lucky to have both of my kids, and even more so my wonderful husband (remind me I said this sometimes :) )

Well, off to do some mommy things. Thinking about what to do tomorrow and when to go shopping for hubby's birthday.